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To help during this time, the Voice Project has designed a COVID-19 Staff Check-In Survey. This short survey will take most staff around 5 minutes to complete and provides valuable feedback about how well your organisation is supporting staff safety and wellbeing, as well as providing the systems and processes needed for business continuity.

For organisations that are facing budget constraints, the Voice Project and Bloom HR are offering a free standard version of the survey that provides a whole-of-organisation report and insightful demographic splits. We continue to offer our fee-based services for organisations who want to adapt the survey to their unique circumstances and explore cuts of results across multiple work units.

The new survey can be run as a standalone pulse survey or relevant questions can be incorporated into your existing staff surveys. To use the survey just get in touch with your a Bloom HR consultant by calling 02 8114 4449 or email

COVID-19 Staff Check-In Survey:

  • Five minutes to complete
  • Checks-in on staff wellbeing and business continuity
  • Can be completed on any computer or mobile device, so staff can take part no matter where they are working
  • Use as a standalone pulse survey or incorporated into your existing staff surveys
  • Can be repeated as the situation unfolds to track the impact of changes and developments

Checking in on staff

When to check-in

Bloom HR and the Voice Project have always held the view that you shouldn’t survey until you are in a position to openly listen and act on what you hear. When you are able to do so, it will be important to check-in on staff. A short survey can help keep the feedback focused, and provide a mechanism to check-in with staff when social distancing makes other methods more difficult.

Safety & Wellbeing

COVID-19 is creating disruption and anxiety. Some staff are still working in customer and client facing roles which carry safety risks, while all of us are impacted by the lockdown which has stopped many of the activities that allow us to recharge and look after ourselves. This makes it important to check-in on staff wellbeing.

Some of the safety and wellbeing questions include:

  • I feel safe carrying out my role
  • I am aware of the processes to follow should I become unwell
  • I am able to meet my family responsibilities while still doing what is expected of me at work

Business Continuity & Progress

Organisations are rapidly re-designing how they operate. The pace of change has been rapid and left us all scrambling to keep up. Some of the changes have been really positive and may have a lasting impact on the way we work. With any change program there will be gaps. The survey reviews if staff have what they need to continue performing their role.

Some of the business continuity questions include:

  • This organisation’s communication about COVID-19 has been clear and timely
  • My team has been able to work together effectively during the disruption caused by COVID-19
  • We will be able to continue supporting our customers/clients

To find out more about the survey please contact your Bloom HR consultant on 02 8114 4449 or